Since 1984, Marketplace Chaplains USA has provided Chaplain Care Teams comprised of male, female and ethnically diverse Chaplains to serve and care for the employees and family members of public and private companies across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe, Canada and now South Korea and China as a personalized and proactive Employee Care Service.

Railroad Chaplains

Railroad Chaplains specializes in support of the rail transportation industry and families who suffer a railroad incident. The mission of Railroad Chaplains is to extend help and hope to people in need of sympathy, comfort and compassion in times of crisis.

Connect Care

Company chaplain services for all OFFSITE employees and immediate family members are voluntary, confidential and neutral from company operations. All Services for offsite employees are included except regularly scheduled worksite visits. Chaplains will make no less than two attempts to reach the offsite employee by phone, send no less than one text or email, and all offsite employees will receive a monthly newsletter by email. All of these touch points include an opt-out feature.