Overall Giving View—This Ministry does not ask for donations until there is a confirmed financial need outside the operational budget. Contribution gifts are not used to pay salaries or to support normal budgeted activities. Secondly, requests for financial support from contributors are never asked for until ministry staff members give first. If you desire to give to this Cause of Christ, you can designate your gift to a specific financial effort.



  • General Financial Support—Where Needed Most.
  • Global Mission Impact—Beginning Service in Taiwan and Singapore.
  • IT Makeover—Foreign Languages to English and Donor Tracking System.
  • Chaplain Centered Programs—Video Training, Recruiting and Continuing Education.
  • MM Foundation Enlargement—Increase Endowments by $1.5 million.

THE FOUNDATION—Goal $25 Million Before 2025

Foundation assets are the fiduciary responsibility of the Marketplace Ministries Foundation Board made up of eight members who hold two money management firms accountable for asset growth. The Foundation asset growth provides a financial underpinning for all the work of the Ministry. In the last two years, these funds have provided the money to open doors into China and South Korea, as well as helping sustain ministry in England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and all across the USA.

The Foundations’ Memorial and Honorary Endowments are in permanently restricted funds. Only the growth off of the capital gifts are re-invested by the Ministry to achieve the goals of caring for workers and leading them to Jesus Christ as Savior. The remaining Foundation money is in unrestricted funds and all can be used for ministry.

The Marketplace Ministries Foundation holds a spiritual legacy through endowment gifts that make a mark in eternity that can never be erased. People who give to God through this Foundation are seeking to leave a stream of financial support that will continue to strengthen this Work of God when they are in Heaven, and as long as time remains.