Overall Giving View—This Ministry does not ask for donations until there is a confirmed financial need outside the operational budget. Contribution gifts are not used to pay salaries or to support normal budgeted activities. Secondly, requests for financial support from contributors are never asked for until ministry staff members give first. If you desire to give to this Cause of Christ, you can designate your gift to a specific financial effort.



  • Benevolence Fund for Employees in Companies We Serve – This fund allows our front-line Chaplains to have immediate access to help an employee with a dire need and nowhere else to turn – paying a mechanic to fix a car so they can get to work, buying groceries, paying an HVAC person to fix a heater – All acts of kindness showing the unconditional Love of Christ in practical ways through our Chaplains!
  • Mission Team Support – This fund supports our chaplains and staff participating in mission trips through their church or another Christ-centered mission, supporting the work of the Gospel in other villages, cities and nations.
  • Chaplain Training Initiative – This fund provides valuable resources and learning tools to better train our chaplains.
  • Asbury Seminary Master’s Degree Program – This is a scholarship fund for our chaplains seeking to earn a master’s degree in Chaplain Care.
  • Chaplain Celebration Grants – This fund will be used to honor our chaplains on their work anniversary dates (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years) through local team luncheons and dinners.
  • Use Where Needed Most