Spring 2017

Marketplace Magazine Fall 2016


  • Grace and Peace from Our President
    Dr. Doug Fagerstrom, Executive President & Chief Executive Officer.
  • God’s Purpose and God’s Blessings
    The Marketplace Ministries Foundation God’s Purposes and God’s Blessings
  • Those Who Primed the Pump
    The Lovvorn Family of Dallas led by longtime supporters now in Heaven, Martin and Mary Carolyn Lovvorn, were among the first to support the Marketplace Foundation.
  • Why Give to Marketplace Ministries?
    Founding President and Chairman Gil A. Stricklin explains why giving to Marketplace Foundation is a lifelong gift for eternal purposes.
  • Stories on Endowments
    A look at some of the founding faithful friends and founding pillars of the Marketplace Endowment.
  • Funders Who Give from Their Foundation to Ours
    Some of the dynamic foundation leaders who have contributed from their foundation to the Marketplace Foundation.
  • Golfers Have Added the Most to The Larry A. Ramsey Memorial Endowment
    Hundreds of Dallas Marketplace Golf Classic Players have raised thousands in the Larry Ramsey Putting Contest adding to his endowment in honor of the first Marketplace client expansion director.
  • Foundation Gifts in Memory of Special People
    The Work of the Foundation is expressed in the memory of longtime Marketplace heroes who have gone to their heavenly reward.
  • Givers Choose What to Support in the Ministry through The Foundation
    Givers to the Marketplace Foundation have chosen to support many worthwhile projects including mission trips all over the world.
  • An Investment that Never Loses Value and Keeps on Giving
    Founding President and Foundation Chairman Gil A. Stricklin explains how a strong foundation will never fade away from the faithful and prayerful gifts of chaplain supporters.
  • The Watchmen on the Wall
    Read the riveting profiles of the Marketplace Foundation Board Members who help build a strong foundation.
  • Marketplace Ministries Foundation Reaches for Financial Efficacy
    Words of Wisdom from CFO Larry King on the Foundation partnership with auditors and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
  • In Memoriam: Jim Stewart
    The first Waco, Texas, client company owner Jim Stewart is remembered as a Godly trustee of earthly riches and opening the first Central Texas door to Marketplace Chaplains.
  • 2016 – God Loves a Cheerful Giver
    The 2016 Financial Foundation Givers to God’s Work.
  • Marketplace Ministries Foundation Endowments
    To God be the Glory for Givers in 2016

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